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Orlando Reiki School • Dr. Phillips of Orlando, FL 32819

Tel: 407-733-1969

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Orlando Reiki School offers a variety of energy therapies in both group and private settings from guided Meditation to private Reiki Sessions.

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With over 10 years of experience, Monica uses non-invasive alternative treatments that will help you in ​many different ways: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. She is a certified Master/Teacher and a Licensed Massage Therapist, dedicated to providing Reiki Healing and proper certified training, including work with animals and pets.

In addition, Monica offers Reiki Healing Sessions, Reflexology, Yoga, Personal

Growth Workshops, Meditation Classes, Soul Therapy, Chakra Balancing,

Tuning Fork Therapy, Aromatherapy and Crystal Therapy in her practice.

(se habla espanol)

The word Reiki actually means ‘universal life energy’.

It is believed that this healing energy is able to reach to any distance

as well as pass through any barriers (thus the person receiving

the treatment need not disrobe, as with ​other forms of touch therapy

and massage modalities)

Reiki not only offers a relief of stress but that it can also heal

other conditions and ailments whether they be mental, spiritual

and even physical. Reiki can even be used to treat some terminal illnesses

or at the very least offer a sense of peace and balance to a terminally ill person for the remainder of their life. This is not to be considered a quick fix nor an overnight miracle. Treatment requires time and the length of time needed depends on the type of injury or illnessas well. It is also not based on belief which means that anyone and everyone can reap the benefits of Reiki.

So what is Reiki anyway?


Welcome to Orlando Reiki School,​

where the Usui Shiki Ryosho tradition of Reiki is shared and taught to those ready to become attuned lightworkers. Certification classes for all levels,

Reiki l, Reiki ll,

and Reiki Master/Teacher

Classes are instructed with the highest integrity. Students are provided with material for the course, attunement, and proper demonstration--

this includes the related healing symbols, and certificate of completion.

(we are provide ceu's to LMT's

CE Broker provider# 50-15072)

Please call 407.733.1969

or email us for more information

(se habla espanol)

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